Song Lyrics:
My Happy
We Playing
Afternoons Monday
Each other laugh
All happy … 3x
We wish
Arranging future
Under the shade of the branches
All happy … 3x
Ma ta …. …. …. ha …. ri
As if to smile
While eating difficult
Despite the hard life
Although difficult to smile too ….
This gratitude …. because with
Also hard to forget …. 2x
Back to reff:
Oh my …. happy
Oh my …. happy
Life and living are two words that have different meanings. Life itself is not dead. Could still breathe fresh air. Could still smell the perfume smells fragrant. And do not like to smell the smells rotten. While life is a gift from God that no peerless. Inside between me and you interact with each other. Between him and gathered them together and joking. It is difficult to define the meaning of life. If you continue to think about just spending the rest of life in the confusion. He is unpredictable-guessed as about a, b, c’s for elementary school children. He also does not lead to a place.
But that certainly, we can feel it in this world. Namely with gratitude for the pleasure of life so far. Life is not a disaster, but a way to self-discovery. A time to reach the future that is ideal. A common discourse for an excuse by the adventurers, warriors, and nomads. Although the full menjejakinya hindrance and obstacles facing. That steep rock that makes them more rigid hard rock in the waves hit lautan.Walau continuously until worn out, he still has hopes to continue to stand strong despite facing stiff brunt of the waves that mengganas pairs. So, too, with the story of a life’s journey snot-nosed kid who every day have his old bike to where the key to reaching a bright future. Practically successful. Yes, he was a man named “latitude”, which has so far is the house with a place of learning. We imagine the distance between houses with sekolahannya about 10 Km. A high and noble achievement for which can feel it.
But fate would, he had to drop out of school when I was in fifth grade. Because his father who had become the backbone of the family died (lost) in the ocean. He himself because as the eldest of three brother, must be willing to sacrifice study time in dressing with hard work and support for the bone slam the third brother. However, although he could not physically school like his peers, he still has dreams and spirit to keep fighting in reaching all their dreams come true. He also has successfully instilled the value of a struggle to Andrea Hirata originating from remote areas K name, until he succeeded in bearing the title “Cumlaude” Sorbone University, France. In addition, he also is an accomplished writer. Look at the work of Laskar tetralogy Pelanginya sold sold throughout the wilderness of Indonesia even to neighboring countries. Also been successful even in the filmed and awarded a trophy FFI under a professional director Riri Reza and produced by Mira Lesmana.
That would be contained in the content of song lyrics owned by Sherina My Happy. Like the caterpillar fast when they want to become a butterfly elegant if in the eye. Who called the process of metamorphosis in the science of zoology. I need to know for all of us is wisdom changes a caterpillar into a butterfly with two wings and exquisite beauty nan liked by almost all of these people, and takes a very long struggle to change his form. He must fast the month, every month without ever feeling the slightest sigh. That is a philosophy of life that must be possessed by us all .**